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REO Nationwide’s REO Disposition Division does not operate as a BPO mill. The REO Department directs all its’ efforts towards obtaining listing assignments. There is no fee paid for BPOs ordered by the REO Department.

DO NOT resubmit your application unless you are updating zip code areas or contact information. You can lose your place in line. Don’t follow up. It takes our time away from obtaining listing assignments. A Realtor retains a zip code service area until they either opt out or do a poor job. The system automatically contacts the next person in line. There is no fee to sign up. Now you simply need to be patient.

REO Nationwide Inc. understands that marketing and selling real estate is a Realtor’s core competence and it is ours as well. REO Nationwide, Inc. has been at work listing REO assets for over 30 years. With your help, we have valued and sold thousands of REO assets nationwide. REO Nationwide, Inc. is specifically known for ethics, experience and personal services far more in depth than those offered by most firms today. Together, by delivering the very best service to our Clients, we will continue to reinforce the message that REO Realtors do their best work when they list, market and sell real estate.